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STUDIO SHOWCASE (not all prices shown - please email for prices)
14k floating heart pendant      
14K Floating Heart
Price: SOLD
  Agate Necklace
Price: $185.00
  "Balance" 14k & SS
Azurite with Malachite

Price: $275.00
  Beaded Butterfly Barrette
Price: $35.00

Celtic knot pouch


  Cereonial Dancer beadwork   Marvin Martian beadwork
Boulder Opal Lion 14k SS
Price: $585.00
  Celtic Beaded Pouch
Price: $65.00
  Ceremonial Dancer
Price: $0.00
  Marvin Martian Beadwork
Price: $0.00 (Unfinished)
Picture jasper pendant   piece of eight pendant   POW MIA beadwork flag   red white & blue beaded flag earrings
Picture Jasper Necklace
Price: $85.00
  Piece of Eight SS & 14k
Price: SOLD
  MIA/POW Beaded Flag
Price: SOLD
  Red White & Blue Earrings
Price: $15.00
spiderweb beadwork   sterling silver hammered bracelet   Sterling silver celtic knot wedding ring   1898 Silver Dollar
Spiderweb Beadwork
Price: $0.00 (unfinished)
  SS Hammered Cuff Bracelet
Price: $85.00
  SS Eternity Knot Wedding

Price: SOLD
  1898 Silver Dollar
Price: $65.00
amber & SS Necklace   golden brown earrings_jpg   hammered ss bracelet_jpg   onyx blue quartz & garnet ss pin_jpg
Amber & SS Necklace
Price: $125.00
  Golden Brown Earrings
Price: $25.00
  hammered ss bracelet
Price: $85.00
  Black onyx blue quartz
& garnet ss pin

Price: $125.00
.Picture Jasper - Doorway to Eternity_jpg   .Royal Jasper pendant_jpg   .SS Natural American Pearl pendant_jpg   .translucent agate necklace_jpg
Picture Jasper -
Doorway to Eternity

Price: $85.00
  Royal Jasper pendant
Price: $125.00
  SS Natural American
Pearl pendant

Price: $75.00
  translucent agate

Price: $185.00


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